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Tanka & Syfy take Silver and Bronze in two catagories at the 2015 PromaxBDA Awards for Dominion’s The Citizens Handbook: A Guide to Vega

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What We’re About

Who We Are

Our company’s name refers to a form of Japanese poetry, originating in the 8th century. Japanese artists used this medium to accurately express their thoughts, emotions, and aesthetic principles. In the late 19th century, tanka experienced a rebirth, folding in concepts of freedom and openness inspired by shifts in Western idealogy. This combination of tradition, modernist ideals, and a focus on the aesthetic perfectly encapsulates how we see the world.

For us, TANKA isn’t only our brand name, it’s the heart of our work. We deliver user-focused experiences by pairing thoughtfully crafted designs with today’s most effective technologies.

We are based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, living and breathing a culture that is always on, inspiring and pushing us to keep moving forward.

What We Do

We’ve been working in the digital space for over ten years and have evolved along as technology has shifted from desktop to mobile. In the early days we were almost exclusively crafting highly interactive Flash websites and applications. Today we find ourselves focusing on creating responsive HTML sites and apps that are optimized for low-power devices. While we are always working to expand our capabilities, currently we offer the following services:

  • Website design & development
  • 2D & 3D interactive presentations
  • App design & development
  • UI/UX wireframe design
  • Brand identity design
  • CMS configuration & development
  • Server setup & hosting
  • AWS cloud integration

How We Do It

We build websites and apps that work, using the latest technology possible. The products we deliver are continually cared for, ensuring they work as intended throughout their lifecycles. Our clients keep coming back, and we like to think it’s because of the trust we’ve built with them. We spend the time to get in their heads and understand their brand, or craft a new one if necessary. We want the relationships we have with our clients to grow and get stronger over time.

For us, creating the best digital experiences for our clients and their users is the key. In order to create a cohesive product, we have to anticipate how users will interact with it. What makes something work or not isn’t just about one thing. It’s all the little details, working in harmony, which are required in order to make that happen. We’re constantly trying to solve that puzzle; it’s a never-ending process and we love it.

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